Micro Knights
Release 25-02-2020
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Micro Knights

About Micro Knights

This action-packed slot game from Elk Studios brings a new dimension to the world of video slots. Set in a whimsical medieval world complete with valiant knights and fire breathing dragons. Micro Knights promises players exciting gameplay and the chance to win big jackpots. Three brave knights, Sir Smash, Sir Charge and Sir Count, embark on a quest to unleash their special features and restore order in the kingdom. Dropping symbols lead to paying clusters, and each win can trigger new and exciting features. Find out more about the game in this Micro Knights slot review.

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How the video slot works

In Micro Knights, rather than playing using spinning reels, you’ll instead by faced by a 7×7 grid. Each time you hit the spin button, the symbols in the grid will refresh and new symbols will drop down from the top of the screen.

The gameplay is straightforward, and all you need to do to win is connect at least five symbols of the same type. Symbols can connect horizontally and vertically but not diagonally. There are eight different symbols plus wilds, which all payout differing amounts. Once you match a cluster of symbols, they disappear from the grid, and new symbols move down in an avalanche.

Every time you match a cluster of symbols, the meter on the right side of the grid will fill up. Matching combos of symbols will increase the meter, and if you fill it completely, you’ll unlock a feature flag. There are six different feature flags in total, and these include removing all low-value symbols, placing extra wilds and dropping a giant instant paying symbol. There are also features involving the queue. First, there’s a feature which moves symbols to the queue, and lastly, there’s one that uses symbols in the queue to form winning clusters.

The queue is affected by two knights. The charging knight sits at the left-hand side of the grid and randomly moves one row of symbols into the queue. The smashing knight randomly increases each symbol count in the queue by one. Symbols in the queue can connect with any winning cluster of the matching type. These give you opportunities to win a potential jackpot of 2,500 times your bet.

You can place bets from as little as €0.20 all the way up to €100. Alongside the features, you can also unlock free drops by collecting scatters. Three connecting crowns will award you with five free drops.

Game Facts

Release date 25-02-2020
Bonus rounds
Max win 250,000
Free spins yes

About Elk Studios

Elk Studios


What kind of special features can you expect?

Unlock up to five Micro Knights free spins when you collect three scatter symbols. Connecting three crowns will unlock the bonus mode. Micro Knight bonus features also include the queue which can multiply the winning clusters you collect.

Are there any limitations when playing on a mobile device?

The Micro Knights game loads and works perfectly on mobile devices. There’s no need to download any app, .apk or additional software to run the Micro Knights online slot.

What is the RTP factor of Micro Knights?

The official tested RTP of Micro Knights is 96%. You can enjoy a free demo of the game to try it out for yourself.

Closing Thoughts on Micro Knights

Micro Knights does things a little different from the typical, reel-based slot. It mixes things up and keeps the gameplay exciting with loads of different bonuses and special features. You can really get lost in the world of the game with each charming character providing hours of entertainment.

Rewarding yet simple gameplay makes Micro Knights a great addition to the world of online slots. You’ll hopefully even win some massive prizes while you travel to this medieval land.

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